English Gematria

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

English Gematria

Analysis of Liber Al Vel Legis

A quick summary of the more technical terminology to be found in Liber vel Legis is here presented. The Student is left to his or her Wisdom to interpret the significance of these correspondences. Indication is provided only where the difficulty of the subject requires further comment. Formulae are presented in upper case letters.

We remind the student of the significance of certain numbers, already experientially known, and explained as best as might be possible in the old Key. Among such numbers, which we find confirmed in this analysis, we note: 56, 78, 93, 111, 156, 220, 333, 388, 418, 440, 441, 666, 718, 777, 883, 888 and the scales thereof for which we have external Evidence.

Ø – denotes Hebrew Key Tf – denotes t final used Sf – denotes s final used Nf – denotes n final used ĸ – denotes hard c  − denotes L upright ω − denotes initial w

  • The Law = 220 (hence number of the BOOK CCXX)
    The Law = (98 + 7 + 1) + (50 + 4 + 60) = 220

  • HORUS= 440 = (  ) Crowley = Knowledge = Winged Globe = Secret Word = Kundalini
    HORUSf and HORUS. These are 458 and 440 respectively. We expect the current of Horus to persist through this Aeon. Taking the formula for this current then, with a non-final (non-terminating) S we have 440, a further glyph of these currents and a general formula for many operations under this new scheme : --- As 40 into 11 it is the magickal force (11) of the glyph M (M=40), whose properties are also general attributions of the God: e.g. They typical image of the God is that of a naked child, surrounded by an egg of blue, and pressing the index finger to his lips. The egg of blue is the womb, which is the motherhood of M, this womb is the sea of Binah, which is M, and finger to the lips denotes the silence of M. ---- As 220 into 2, it is the intelligible manifestation of The Law (220) in the sphere of the Living Word (2, Chokmah). ---- As 44 into 10, it is Authority (4 into 11, the magickal force of Jupiter, and the elements) over the 10th sphere or Material Plane (Malkuth).

  • AIWAZ = 4 + 4 + 60 + 4 + 6 = 78
    (that is, Aiwaz manifest in Kether versus Aiwass the same force manifest into Chokmah) This is the number given by Him for His name. It had not been confirmed until now.
    N.B 78 = Σ12 the summation of all numbers from 1 to 12, and their synthesis.

  • AIWASS (SSf) = 4 + 4 + 60 + 42 + 42 = 156
    (Aiwaz manifest into Chokmah = 78 × 2 = 156. Note the curious transition from the Z to the double s and the accompanying phonetic changes. A mystery is here concealed as to the distinction between these two manifestations.)
    S is the serpent that climbs the Tree of Life, while Z is the Lightning that flashes through the sephiroth.

  • AIWAZ (W) = 4 + 4 + 400 + 4 + 6 = 418
    (Aiwaz with W activated gives us the formulaic number for this Being, as declared by Himself in Liber Al vel Legis.)

  • HOOR= 7 + 200 + 200 + 9 = 416 = Winged Secret Flame, The Sacred Mysteries, Place of Silence
    The elemental Form of Horus (Note his Two Eyes) explained below.

  • RA HOORKHU = 13 + 416 + 237 = 666 = Σ36 = LUXFIRE = Edward Alexander Crowley
    Ra = The Sun
    Hoor = The Horizon
    Khu = Means Light, and symbolized to the Ancient Egyptians the concept of the Self (The impersonal Life force that manifests in the Soul) For religionists, Khu can be interpreted as the Soul and the phrase “The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs” – Liber vel Legis I, 8 and can be translated as “Heaven is in the Soul; not the Soul in Heaven”. Note that, hbha = 5+ 2+ 5+ 1= 13= dja = 4+ 8+ 1Ø, and that AHBH which in the new Key is 22: the entirety of the old Law, which the Book of the Law now places in proper relation as under Will, i.e. under Thelema (Will is English for the Greek ΘΕΛΗΜΑ). 24 Note that Ra-Hoor-Khuit is called “The Visible Object of Worship”; MESSIAH = 40 + 1 + 24 + 24 +4 + 4 + 7 = 104.
    LUXFIRE-- What generations past corrupted as Lucifer: The Morning Star, Herald of Dawn, The One who comes raging like a comet from the sky, and in falling, burns and lights the Heavens for the Eyes of the Children of the Earth. A holy name concealing the marriage of Light and Fire. It is the Initiate’s Love and his Lust for the Earth which has him fall and give of this Fire and Light to Others.

  • RA-HOOR-KHU or 13 + 416 + 237 is now 666, the word into Tiphareth, versus 444 of the old system (the word into Chesed), essentially reaffirming this force as Solar. See mystical numbers of the heavenly bodies.
    Ra-Hoor or The Sun on the Horizon
    Ra-Hoor-Khu or The Light of the Sun on the Horizon
    13 = Ra (The Sun) = YH the Father and the Mother of the old glyph, and also AHBH (hbha, Love) and AChD (dja , Unity) of the same.
    416 denotes the God’s elemental Form (104 × 4) or the Messiah24into the 4th sphere (Power) which further breaks down to Love acting Materially (13 × 8 × 4) through Mercury (The Word).
    Combining this with Ra we have 13 + 13 × 32 = 13 × 33 or 13 × 11 × 3 for RA HOOR: The Magical Force (11) acting upon Love (13) acting upon Binah (3). Note the idea of Power and how this magickal force is applied to Binah in one case (the active and not in the passive form) in light of the 12th Aire: “There is no power that may endure save only the power that descendeth in this my chariot from Babylon”. ( Babylon is a corruption of BABALON, the Formula by which one transcends and releases the Energies of Binah.)

  • Note that RA HOOR= 13 × 11 × 3 while HOORPAARKRAAT = 13 × 11 × 4 and that RA HOOR and HOORPAARKRAAT are the active and passive formulae of the same God HORUS.
    237 is Khu: He is the very Self of RA-HOORand all that this entails as explained above.
    237 = 79 × 3; 79 a prime oddly omitted from the traditional literature26, and this current acting upon Binah once again, so it is again that Power that descends along Cheth (which is 418 spelt fully Cheth + Yod + Tau = 8 + 10 + 400) the Chariot of BABALON and the path uniting Binah to Geburah, the 5th sphere.
    When combined into the Unity of the God’s name, these add up to 666 which is the summation (and so contains the idea) of all the glyphs from 1 to 36. It is the most mystical of the numbers for the Sun, and reaffirms this as essentially a Solar diety. It is the triple Aleph or the Living Word into the 6th sphere, Tiphareth, the Human Consciousness.

  • RA HOORKHUIT = 759 = 666 + 93
    (93, a number dear to Thelemites, denoting the Old Aeon glyph for Aiwass and Thelema, is here added as a termination to the God Name, indicating the manifestation of the God

  • PAARKRAAT = 156 = KAOS = BABALON = KAOS, the Victorious Queen in the old Key. Reference notes on Aiwass.

  • HOORPAARKRAAT = 416 + 156 = 572 = O Nuit! = The Prophet and his Bride [Hoor (416) + PAARKRAAT (156) ] = LOTUS = One Sword = One of Heaven = Universal Heart
    Here we see the elemental form of the God (HOOR) combining with the Supernal energies. Observe that:
    RA HOOR= 11 × 13 × 3 : The Magical Force (11) acting upon Love (13) acting upon Binah (3), while:
    HOORPAARKRAAT = 11 × 13 × 4, The Magical Force (11) acting upon Love (13) acting upon Chesed (4)
    And that these are two halves of the One God HERU RA HA.
    Note also, The Prophet and his Bride = 572 = HOOR(416) + BABALON (156), of which The Beast and The Scarlet Woman are emissaries. HOORPAARKRAAT is Harpocrates in the Greek or HORUS the Child. He is the Child God of the Love Between these two Forces.
    His is The Universal Heart of the Aspirant. He is denoted as the Silent and Passive form of the God HERU RA HA.

  • HOORPA KRAAT = 416 + 7 + 136 = 559
    13 is left out of formulae in this title of the God

  • ANKH F Nf KHONSU = 111 + 2 + 6 + 531 = 650 = L.U.X.
    ANKH AF NA KHONSU = 111+ 6 + 74 + 531= 722
    = RA HOORKHUIT + 56
    ANKH AF NA KHONSU (ŏ) = 111+ 6 + 74 + 531= 602
    ANKH = 111 (The triple Aleph – an old glyph of the Word emanating from Creation.)

  • KHONSU (ŏ) = 401 = “He is the First and Last” : the Aleph(1) and the Tau (400); that is, he is EW on the scale, the East and the West – HE contains the entire tradition / Path with Him.

  • KHONSU = 531 = The Virgin and the Man = Inviolate = The glory Ineffable = Thy Secret Temple = Secret & Not

  • HAD = 19
    A prime number, indicating the current to be found in the 2nd Aire. Traditionally, interpreted as the feminine glyph. See also Job in the Tradition.

  • NU = 270 = 3^3 × 10
    The Supreme Goddess Unmanifest. Note this action upon the 3rd sephira raised exponentially (think: recursively) upon itself : and this acting upon Malkuth, the Kingdom, or the glyph 1 0 which as Unit and Space contains All.

  • IT = 93
    (A suffix to God names and formulae, indicating manifestation, i.e. that He or She is manifest: eg, Nu, Had versus Nuit, Hadit)

  • HADIT =112 = An Ibis, Chit, Ptah, Path, Beth, Magician
    All these ideas pertaining to Chokmah and the Grade Therein : (112 = 56 × 2, the old glyph for Nu upon Chokmah; i.e. Mazloth – a star in Her body); the Ibis which is sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian form of Mercury which “presides” over Chokmah in his office as the Living Word; Ptah partaking of this Sephira as well as after Uranus; Chit is the mindstuff – the effusive river of energies called thought; Beth is the corresponding Path of the Magician, i.e. the Magus28

  • THELEMA = 221 = The Shrine
    The word of the law is Thelema” might translate : The Word (Aleph) + The Law = Thelema : 1 + 220 = 221)

  • BES NA MAUT = 456 = Enginery of War = The Chief of All (L averse) = O Blessed Beast (L averse) = Uraeus

  • MAUT = 333 = Fallen and Defiled
    The number of Choronzon in the old Key

  • MAAT = 137 = Thebes

  • TA NECH = 93 + 108 = 201, Tf
    TA NECH = 102 + 108 = 210 = Σ20 = A Babe in an Egg, Titan

  • COPH NIA = 93 + 78 (= 93 + AIWAZ) = 171

  • ABRAHADABRA = 23 + HAD + 23 = 65 = Aleph = (The double word of power uniting the 6 and 5 = 65)

  • L.U.X. = 650 = Ankh f n Khonsu (= 65 x 10 = Abrahadabra x 10) = Night of Time = NOX (ŏ)
    L.U.X. which culiminates in the Union with HGA is the equivalent of 65 (or the two-fold word, ABRAHADABRA) into the material plane or 10th sphere (650) is the other half of N.O.X. which
    28 The Grade and Title given to the Initiate operating at this level (Chokmah, or the second sphere).Page The English Qabalah
    together are 13 x 10 x 10.

  • My heart =156 = AIWASS = BABALON = KAOS

  • My tongue = 699 = Word of the Law = A Secret Key of this Law

  • Restriction = 465 = Σ30 = Black Brothers = Double = Wickedness

  • BE-WITH-US = 418 = Let ASARbe with ISA = The Silver Star = Perfection = The Prophet (ŏ)
    (418 – a Glyph for the Great Work accomplished and Abrahadabra (Ø) in the old Key. Note also in the injunction: “Let Asar be With Isa” that ASAR+ ISA = 333 in the old Key and 73 in the new. This may be suggestive to NEMO.)

  • Seven spirits of unrighteousness = 1550 = 155 into Malkuth (155 = evil, veil)

  • NEMO = 311 = The Beast & His Bride = TARO = ROTA = Every way Perfect = The Self-Slain (See Ankh-af-na-Khonsu)

  • SEBEK = 439 = Crocodile

  • Crowned Child = 450 =“Amoun”
    (Amoun is mate to Maut, father to Ankh-af-na-Khonsu: a revision of the YHVH formulae) He is both the father and son of their love.
    Moloch, is Baal, which is Abel, or Apis the Bull and he ap­pears as a man with the head of a bull, and later, a calf. In a sense, He is the dark or averse side of Kether, and has been alternately viewed as a God and a demon depending on the culture of the nation. He demands great sacrifice (often the first born), and the Initiate must slay the God’s appearance in the final projection of this sphere.

  • Great work = 440 Tf

  • The Great Work = 777

  • No-thing = 469 = Being Not = Let Being be Empty = The Chief of All

  • English Alphabet = 486 = Key of this Law

  • Cosmos = 518 = Chaos is my name = Egg of Blackness
    (Cosmos is the Naming of Chaos i.e. attributing an Order to elements in the Universe: the Egg of Blackness, which is Spirit.)

  • O Prophet = 521 = A Word = Saviour = ISIS, my mother = Strange Pale God = Be done with Speech = The work is ended = Annihilation = Divine Perfection
    An interesting set of entries. Taken from Liber vel Legis, technically it refers to the scribe of the Book, who as a Student in Chokmah, was the Word made Flesh, which children of Men take for Messianic force (Saviour). This prophet is extolled to abandon this bloodless Life (Strange Pale God), to be Silent*, for the Work is ended, and the Annihilation of Himself into this Force, that is the Word (instead of opposing and so refracting it in Speech) results in the Divine Perfection – a title of Kether. *Liber Bvel Magi 2-3: “2. …the Word that is God is none other than He. 3. How shall He end His Speech with Silence? For He is Speech.”

  • MERCURIUS = 535 = The Ruby Star = The Serpent Flame Therein = Beast of the Field

  • The Great Work = 777 = Key of the Vault = Three Ordeals in One = Yea Than, Yea Theli, yea Lilith*
    *The three ordeals and their passwords.

  • The Understanding = 701 = The Gate of the Abyss = The Four Beasts = Knowledge and Delight

  • City of Fifty Gates = 718 = Of All Truth = Company of Heaven

  • Secret Understanding = 731 = Secretest Chamber of the Palace = One Knowledge = Absolute Bliss = Sweeter than death (ϖ)

  • Power of Understanding = 1070 = Stabat Crux Juxta Lucem*= Stabat Lux Juxta Crucem* = Light, LIFE, LOVE, Force, Fantasy, FIRE = Wisdom and Folly
    The first two entries denote the proper means of acquiring and increasing such Power as witnessed in the 10th Aire. The third lists the virtues of such a Power. The car called Millions of Years refers to the soul’s path. Power of Understanding as we know by the incidence, reciprocity and identity (See BABALON AND KAOS) is equivalent to Wisdom (the traditional title for Chokmah) which leads to Folly (The Fool, is a title corresponding to the Kether).
    *Two means of achieving such power. See the 6th Aire. Lat: Erect the Cross near the Light; and, Erect the Light near the Cross.

  • The Gates of Understanding = 1156 (scale of 156) = The Wisdom of the New Aeon
    (A beautiful example of the Geometries revealed by the Key. Here we have the two Supernal Formulae, contiguous and counterbalancing themselves on the more material continuum of 103, Understanding or Binah and Wisdom or Chokmah, being technical terms corresponding to 2nd and 3rd spheres and here adding to 156 × 10, whose formula for transcendence and release is 156.)

  • The Throne of Understanding = 1288 = Watchtowers of the Universe (see Liber 418)

  • Winners of the Ordeal X = 1087 = The Royal and the Lofty

  • That Mighty Devil Choronzon = 1317 = Weird and Monstrous Speech*= Tremble ye O Pillars of the Universe (from 10th Aire before confrontation with this Demon) *See 10th Aire.

  • The Stone of the Philosophers = 1366 = The Gross must pass through fire = Hold! Hold! Bear up in thy Rapture = In swoon of the Excellent Kisses!
    Succumbing to the ecstasies and the Bliss destroys the Energies that are the cause of which it is the effect. Orgasm or Samadhi—these are Death. The Communion is over. Yet, it is the Reward of the Operation.

  • The Whirlpool and Leviathan and the Great Stone = 1371 = The dung of Choronzon = The Great Snake of Khem, the Holy One
    (Note: This is one less than the Lord of the Forces of Matter. See doctrine on the Shame of Khem and 4th Aire wherein all this is enacted.)

  • The Lord of the Forces of Matter = 1372 = The great princes of the Evil of the World = Olalam Imal Tutulu (Regards Mayan, and the 2nd and 3rd Aires)
    Note here the (666 + 20) into Chokmah. 666 reduces to the Unity for it is the Number of a Magus, for “He is One”*. It is also three circles, taking in from above by the glyph of the numeral (see doctrine on three Wheels). * “One is the Magus, twain his forces…” Liber Bvel Magi, 00

  • Victory over Choronzon = 1519 = Aye! Listen to the Numbers and the Words = The Athanoor called Dissolution = Unity Uttermost Showed
    Aye! Listen to the Numbers and the Words: a promise to NEMO who confronts this dispersive Force. In this wise, Let Him be Sure.

  • The Key of the Pylon of Power = 1403 = The Chosen Priest & Apostle of Infinite Space = Warrior of Ra Hoor Khu*= The wisdom of Ra Hoor Khuit* = The Reward of Ra Hoor Khut*
    * Different manifestations of the God taken verbatim from the text.

  • The Stabilities of Being and of Consciousness and of Bliss = 1777 = Leaping Laughter and Delicious Langour (  )

  • The Direful Judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit = 1812 = The Palace of Two Hundred and Eighty Judgments = The Wings of Maut the Vulture
    Self-explanatory. Recall that Maut = 333. The Palace of Two Hundred and Eighty Judgments is encountered in the 3rd Aire after where the Seer de-feathering the Vulture takes these for the plumes of his Arrow.

  • Thus Is the Art and Craft of the Magus But Glamour = 2222 (Note this action : the Grand Scale of 2 and its rela­tion to Chokmah.)
This short list shows that the text of Liber vel Legis is consistent with both the English Key and the Mystical Traditions and Interpretations we have from prior researches. Meanwhile it may be of interest to compare the values of certain formulae and names in light of this new key. These revisions further explicate the nature of the formulae in light of the new key and the New Aeon energies.


Bradshaw Watson said...
Simple(74) English(74) Gematria(74) The Key(74): A=1, B2, C3, D4, E5, F6, G7, H8, I9, J10, K11, L12, M13, N14, O15 or zerO, P16, Q17, R18, S19, T20, U21, V22, W23, X24, Y25, Z26 Everyone, The "English Gematria" presented on this blog is awful! I question as to whether it is intentionally wrong to misdirect the uninformed?!Simple English Gematria will give you the connect(74) between(74) a number(74) and the letter that is correct and most useful. Consider the following... Religion=74, Jewish/Judeans=74, menorah=74, Messiah=74, the king=74, ruler=74, Y'shua=74/ Jesus=74/Joshua=74/IESVS=74 (Iesous=73), Cross=74, Gospel=74, parables=74, Pastor=74, Muhammad=74, etc. Please Google 'Simple(74) English(74) Gematria(74)'. - Brad Watson, Miami, FL

Bradshaw Watson said...
Everyone, I forgot the most important example of Simple English Gematria: GOD=7_4, whereas, G is the 7th letter, a circle can be either the 15th letter or zerO, and D is the 4th letter. 7/4=July 4=aphelion. 7/4/1776 was the biggest example of the use of gematria in history. Also, the gematric sum of a word/name is 'Step 2' of gematria, 'Step 1' is very simply counting the number of letters in a word, i.e. Liberty7 Bell4, Hancock7 John4, Federal7 City4, Capitol7 Hill4, etc. The word 'God' is three letters which represent the Christian Trinity. - Brad Watson, Miami, FL

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
The simplicity of your system is of course appealing; it is the play of a Child. Here is what you have done: By incrementing each letter by one, you have effectively reduced the span Set, thus tightening the Ring of correspondence and increasing the number of entries for each correspondence, since Words are now mapped to a smaller subset of Numbers. Effectively, the 20 - 80 interval will contain 90% of the words in the English language if you are adding up entries of numbers between 1-26. In this Way, you Will be Able to find a correpondence between most Words - since All you are doing is adding Numbers between 1 and 26, Four, Five, Six or Seven times, etc - depending on the length of the Word. You've found a correspondence between Jesus, Mohammed etc. It might just as easily have been Christ (which is one or two less, I believe) as most words would be: The point being that most series of letters will be mapped into this value range seeing as you've effectively reduced the span of your system. In this Way, you Will never find Formulae or a Name to correspond to phenomena we have direct experience of: 333, 418, 666, 718, and So On, which are Numbers too high in value to be mapped by your System (One would Need words 30 to 50 letters in length to break the 500 mark). 74 is an Idea. 740 a manifestation. Verify that under the key Jesus Christ = Christianity = 404 = Cactus=Accurst with C soft, and in glyph form represents the destruction of the 4, as 414 represents the surrounding of the 4. When C hardens, the Formula becomes 431, a Prime which = Water of Life = Thanksgiving. I think the point here is that a cactus Jesus and an accurst Christian should harden up his C at the very least, and break out of his 20-80 prison. No One Here to mislead You; You are doing a Fine enough Job of that On your own. Thanks.

Bradshaw Watson said...
Sam & Everyone, Every 1st year design & engineering student is taught that "simpler is better - simpler is stronger, more effective". NASA Astronauts have been training in the same jets for 40 years because according(74) to Story Musgrave, "It can't be designed any simpler". Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Albert Einstein said, "Theories should be simple(74) and have beauty(74)". Einstein also said, "Simplicity is divine". For you to attack a system - anything - for portraying the ultimate in simplicity is incredibly ignorant! You refer to Simple English Gematria (SEG) as "my system" - very wrong! A=1...Z=26 is a code that has been used by some Freemasons for centuries - since English started to appear. SEG is all over the Internet - Google it. It's also come up several times in pop culture in the last few years, i.e. movie "The Number 23", "Batman Returns", children's TV programs, and fictional/non-fictional books. You even completely missed 'Step 1' of Simple(6) English(7) Gematria(8) where counting the number of letters in a word is utilized and YES, I've been successfully teaching this to children, but it went over your head! Your comment continues with some serious rambling nonsense and "accurst Christian". Explain that. You appear to be selling a book that you've written and it has upset you when someone comes along and proves that your system is either wrong or certaintly not as effective as another! My suggestion is for you to admit it to yourself and either revise your book or start all over again. A=1, B=2, C=3... - Brad Watson, Miami, FL (mene mene=74)

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
This is a moot issue at this juncture, I believe; the evidence will speak for itself. However for the sake of dialogue, I will tell you that you are missing the Point entirely. This is not about constructing or engineering a System, but more about experientially mapping phenomena. We are trying to classify observable events and so accuracy and detail, and not simplicity, are what we seek. You can theorize on, generalize about, and systemize and simplify the data into any theory you may have, but that is your business. In this way you are working backwards: attempting to make the Universe fit your Model as opposed to fitting your Model to the Universe. The basic idea behind QBLH is that all Events in the observable universe (including its state shifts throughout time) seem to be engendered by a single source that reflects these "organizing energies" into manifestations that we then observe. The notion is that you Sir, can look at any object, event or person and through the varying manifestations arrive at the source of that Being. It should be sufficient to take up any object or person for study. You may very Well Take yourself for subject of Study as seems Natural to Do. Events are not equally salient so Best to Choose a Moment of significance personal or otherwise. Are you on the Street? The Street itself is a manifestation, its Name, the Value of the Letters and their sums, the shapes of the Letters themselves, the Time of Day, the Date, the colour on the Door, the Address, the Song playing in the cafe across the Street, the Number of Hairs on your Head, the Logos or Tags on your clothing and any other writing or glyph and where it is positioned on the body at the time. Is someone holding up a newspaper? Read the headline. Look, See, Divide, Add, Multiply Understand. You Will Find the correspondence extends to All planes including Number. We Choose Number to classify and list the correspondences seeing as Number naturally Orders the Events (for Ease of reference). Take yourSelf, thine Name, the name of those Men and Women that were like unto a Sky to you. Take those especially that you have united with in Love and all things that have informed your Being. The unfolding of Events and Time follow laws similar to those that govern the proliferation and growth of life - and this at all levels. Each Acorn Labours to Grow and unfold itself into an Oak. Each Oak labours to Grow Acorns and unfold itself into a Forest. Neither the Oak, nor the Acorn know any of this. And so, neither the Man, nor the Mother Know the Value of the Name they give their child or its Import and the configurations of that Conception; but Events in Time and every other perceivable detail follow that same organizing principle. Here's what you've done: added up letters in words and found that the name Jesus added to 74. So did "Jewish", and "ruler" and then so did "simple" "english" and "gematria" as does "number" "between" and "connect" as do many other words you chose to omit, as for instance: donkey, Lucifer, abominable, accursed, evil god, fiendish, horns, old goat, tempt, bitter, obedient, killing, brutal, finished, tarot, occult and approximately 13000 others. In Love,

Bradshaw Watson said...
Sam(33), Yes, "the evidence will speak for itself". Yet, it is "you who are missing the point(74) entirely." You choose to overlook the simplest system of English(74) gematria(74). I'm well aware that "this is not about constructing or engineering a system, but more about experimentially mapping phenomena." When we "try to classify observable events, and so accuracy and detail" through simplicity, "are what we seek". You accuse me of "working backwards: attempting to make the Universe fit your Model as opposed to fitting your Model to the Universe." Well, I presented a poster/one-page-paper entitled: 'Identifying True Earth-like Planets - All New Worlds Are Built On 7_4 (like Earth) or 6_4' at the NASA Conference 'Missions for Exoplanets 2010-2020' at Pasadena, CA on 4/21-23/09. Please check it out at http://exep.jpl.nasa.gov/exep_exoMtgPosters.cfm Do you realize that you abbreviate Qabalah(7) as QBLH(4)? We agree " that all Events in the observable universe (including its state shifts throughout time) seem to be engendered by a single source that reflects these 'organizing energies' into manifestations that we then observe". GOD=7_4 is 'program 1'(74) of the 'universal quantum computer". You've gone on to wrongly assume the order of my discovery of the importance of 7_4 in English gematria. When I was eight-years-old (42 years ago), I realized that GOD=704 & 7/04=July 4th and this seemed non-coincidental! About 20 years ago, I began to study Jewish Kaballa and first learned about Hebrew gematria. Did you notice my spelling of 'Kaballa'? As you know, there are many different spellings of the word that are attributed to many different teachers of Kaballa. I've chosen 'Kaballa' based on Simple English Gematria, whereas, Kaballa(7,40): it has 7 letters and adds up to 40. The #7 & #40 are the two most prominent recurring numbers in the Bible and 7 & 40 are also sacred to Muslims and Hindus. 'Kaballa' also ends with 'alla' or Allah. I'm omni-religious (Jewish/Christian/Muslim/etc.) and so is Simple English Gematria. Yes, there are many other words that equal 74 in Simple English Gematria, but that doesn't diminish it's strength or distract from the probability of its alignment. You - more than anyone - should know that in any gematric system, words and phrases can be constructed that would seem to conflict with an 'important number'. All your 'important/significant words/phrases' can be found to equal others that appear to be nonsense or evil. Right? Where did you come up with all the '74 words' including "approximately 13,000 others". What program are you using? Samuel(71) is the name of the 1st King of Israel. Moses(71) is regarded as #1 among Jews today, but 'Moses' was an Egyptian name. Do you think it a 'coincidence' that G-d(7_4) wouldn't allow Moses to set foot in the 'Promised Land'? That Joshua(74) would lead the Hebrews across the Jordan River? Samuel was replaced as king by David. 'David' may be the 'number 1'(74) Jewish(74) name today. Why is David significant in SEG? David=40 (D4+a1+v22+i9+d4). The teenage David killed Goliath on the 40th day of his challenge to the Hebrews. King David ruled for 40 years. Samuel, I feel like we're playing a poker game to see who has the stronger hand based on their gematria system. I have just 'raised you' alot! - Brad Watson, Miami, FL

gflo said...
Mr. Samuel K. Vincent I have no qualms with what you have revealed & my intent is progressive. To me it is self-evident. I question the specific attributes of each letter. I know this varies from one to the next, but I am not a skilled Qabalist. An astrological correspondence for each glyph would be much appreciated. I have been personally studying your work very closely & have many questions to learn from. By the way I noticed that Chŏrŏnzŏn = 333 if you count the Ch as 2 with N final. Also 333 = Scorn. Perdition. Self-knŏwledge. Sleeplessness. gflo, IC, IA

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
Hello gflo, Thank you for your note and for your calculations on the "red-eyed" Choronzon - that particular formula had escaped me. As for the astrological symbols, some form of skrying or projection is needed to confirm these attributions. This is why we've omitted them from the first edition. However, here are some preliminary results of our research. Let us know if you are able to confirm. 4 elements, 12 houses, 10 spheres = 26 glyphs of the Roman Alphabet 4 elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water 12 houses: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn 10 spheres corresponding to Sol, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune A the Star, is that Star particular to our System: Sol, the 1st (or 6 in the old system) B the Book, is the vessel of the Word, which is Hermes or Mercury, the 2nd (reflected in the 8th - HOD) C the Womb and Sky, is Aquarius, the Water-Carrier, which is the Womb or the Sky which rains upon the Earth. D the Bow, is Venus the 3rd (reflected in the 7th: Netzach), which is Love and the Victory (Netzach) of the propelling, penetrating force of Cupid's Bow. E the Triple Flame, is that triple Sword (aleph) which is AIR. F Force, is Mars, the Fifth. G the Union, is Gemini ruled by Mercury as boy Cupid and contains the projectile Arrow of Sagittarius into the sky womb of Aquarius H the Throne, is Jupiter which is dominion over the 4. I the Arrow/Lingam/Column, is Sagittarius, the projectile of the Archer (Cupid/Mercury) J the Horn of Plenty, is Uranus (one of the Fathers Lost) K the Virgin, is Virgo the Virgin wading in Water (the element ruling over this house) L the Foot/Balance, is Libra the scales over which Venus presides M the wave or valley, is Water - its Element form. N the Gate, is Scorpio, another house over which Water presides. O the Moon, is Luna in both her phases. P the Pregnant Goddess, is Earth (the 4th Sphere-Gaia) Q the Spermatazoon, is Leo, which is constituted by Fire, and whose symbol has the shape of the spermatazoon. R the Birth, the exhausted Phallus, is Cancer the Crab, which comes out at night (and is ruled by Moon) and is the only creature to move sideways. S the Serpent or the Son, is Pisces, a fish that walks on the Water. T the Altar or Table, is Capricorn the Goat, the first of sacrificial animals: the first altars being the mountain tops where these lofty creatures enjoy gracing. U the Cup is Neptune, the outermost which V the Horns of Power, is Taurus, which cavorts in the Earth and is ruled by Venus W is Fire, which is Light that gives Sight X the Cross and Wheel is Saturn, Time Y the Tree of the World, is Malka the Elemental Earth in her redeemed and abased forms (Y consonant, Y vowel) Z the Lightning Flash, is the last and so the first: Aries, the Ram that breaks down the Doors to the Palaces within the Spheres. Best,

gflo said...
Hello Mr. Samuel K. Vincent, The research you shared with me is much appreciated. I will investigate the best I can. I have more questions about the attributions you supplied. Where does Pluto fit in this arrangement? With Mars possibly? & the 5th element of Spirit? & what about Liber XXVII? The 27 trigrams actually number 0-26 & fit nicely upon the 12 angles, 8 points & 6 faces of the Cube.(AL II:7) Zero would of course occupy the Space within or without(both?). Certainly there is a corresponding trigram for each letter. Maybe this is a key for a reconstructed model of the Tree of Life. Further more, Liber 440 implicates that there is another alternative English Key yet to be discovered. HEMESH:23. "This book is the companion of Liber Al, and there is also a key hidden herein, though the two be quite dissimilar. There are the barbarous words and there are the names of the demons: for a new Goetia, a new sorcery, shall be beheld within this treatise. I write not who shall discover this, save the scribe shall not himself care to. Indeed, an entire Goetic manual lies concealed in these words." I understand that empirical confirmation is lacking & maybe my suggestions are hasty at this point. To me these seem to be logical suggestions. I have a great respect for your objectiveness. What is your take on all of this so far? gflo, IC, IA

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
Hello GFLO, Thank you for your insights and comments. You mention a “reconstructed model of the Tree of Life”. However, the Tree of Life is at best a crude approximation of the Path, which we should probably abandon for the construction of the Aethyrs. There appears to be no direct experience of any phenomenon-initiatory or otherwise for the sephiroth below the Abyss - there is only the piercing of the veils. Tiphareth colours the sky, and one feels its joy, but it is already behind us the moment we enter it. In the past, evolution required that Humanity rest in this place. In reality, there was no other destination but this one, until One was Born sufficiently solar and fiery to cross the Waters that overhang the Tiphareth which we call the Abyss. In this way, the Tree of Life is a convenient fiction. The lower sephiroth do not exist except in their planetary attributes and no longer correspond to any place, door, window, or initiatory experience – these having been subsumed into the collective consciousness – that is, we have evolved. (This is so, except for Tiphareth which remains a necessary way station and must remain open unto the lowest or 10th in the old system, as has been mentioned.) Empirical evidence suggest that the Aethyrs of the Enochian system (which describe the full initiatory process - at least those parts that can be described intelligibly) map out the Initiation, with their Curses and Rewards, their Trials and their Officers for the Aeon fully and completely. This being said -- there are 30 glyphs which we can easily map to the English Alphabet by adding the four phonemes we know to actually be formulae: TH - The CROSS (T) as a weapon (H is a Castle, a Throne denoting military and political authority). ST - The SON is on the CROSS QU - the EAGLE is in the CUP PH - The Mother (P is the Pregnant Goddess) Enthroned (H, the Throne). Note that the glyph for the Mother enthroned matches the sounds of F - the father glyph. *There is also “IT” - the Miracle of the MASS - which is not really a phoneme but a practical suffix denoting manifestation: e.g. the difference between HAD and HADIT or NU and NUIT, RA HOOR KHU and RA HOOR KHUIT. (CON'T BELOW)

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
(CON'T FROM ABOVE) So, we can manage a mapping, without much of a problem. However, there is no evidence to support such a practice and we’d be “constructing” a system, which is Art when we seek Science. In the case of the Aethyrs, we know this to be a definite error: The Aethyrs themselves are comprised of many elements, sometimes Gods, sometimes Demons, always an Angel of the Aethyr except for the 10, where we are abandoned to our own shadow. Each aethyr is a "place" propped up by a myriad number of Forces, too complex and numerous to be described by a single Glyph be it alphabetical or numerical. We can take the outermost aethyr for an example (the 30th – or the first one encountered) named TEX which is 414 in the old Key: the “surrounding of the 4” as the numerical glyph suggests (T is Teth, the serpent = 9, E is He, Window which is 5, and X the Cross, which was taken for Tau which is 400. Together they sum to 414, which is viewed mystically (in the Judeo-Christian tradition / key) as: the Virgin Mother (E, he, the soul) giving up her Son (T,teth, the serpent, the material will) to Crucifixion (X –Tau – the Balance of the 4 elements or power over the material). Note that the new system is more dynamic, and enters into process states: First of all: X which was once the Cross of old, is now a Wheel or in other words: an energy center. It is dynamic, it moves and is not planted on the earth like a cross (which was a Tree in the first of all systems). E is the triple light, triple flame - we have it's source and need not approximate it through the Virgin Mother H. T is no longer the Altar (of Sacrifice), but the Table (for the Banquet). Whereas TEX denoted 414 in the old key, we now have 4 values for TEX, denoting : She who passes through the 4 Watchtowers: 89 + 1 + 9 = 99 = Awake, FIAT, Heaven He who passes through the 4 Watchtowers: 89 + 1 + 300 = 390 = Golden Egg, Naught, Only, Space Beyond, Evening Star, Eightfold, Wonders, Wand createth Or, He who does not pass through the 4 Watchtowers: 98 + 1 + 9 = 108 = Hell, Dog, falsifier She who does not pass through the 4 Watchtowers 98 + 1 + 300 = 399 = Dissolved, Mysteries Averse, Slime of Khem, Unright, Fire and Sword, Lapis Lazuli (Water itself turned to Stone) All this is instructive, but lamentably the subject of another topic altogether... What strikes me most is the eloquence of the old system: we had balanced increments in the glyphs: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,200,300,400; while this is not the case with the new: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,89,98,200,300,400 (Here the 90 is displaced once to 89 and the 100 is displaced twice to 98...) You also mention Pluto, which we now acknowledge to be extraneous to the System. (Pluto was downgraded from its status as a planet, the moment we acquired precise mathematical knowledge of its (non-) orbital path.) As for the Trigrams, we’ve never looked into these specifically, but it should be a straightforward matter. The Liber Trigrammaton is classified Class A for a reason: It describes perfectly the path of Initiation. As the Liber Trigrammaton already orders the glyphs by their "degree" of materialization/manifestation/initiation, the job becomes a simple one: Ordering the Glyphs in an incrementing series with respect to their numerical values (e.g.: e, f and p as these equal 1,2 and 3) is essentially equivalent to moving through increasing degrees of materialization (or manifestation). So, the matter is a simple one. The attributions of the Roman Glyphs to the trigrams are deemed Class A. I will share them in a separate post.

gflo said...
Mr. Samuel K. Vincent I appreciate the detailed explanation of why & how the Tree of Life is a crude representation of the Universe made obsolete by the more clear revelation of the 30 Aethyrs. I understand. Anxiously & curiously I await the Roman Glyph correspondences of the Trigrams. I've noticed that in the Enochian System each Aethyr is represented by a Trinity of Glyphs. What are the Roman Glyph(s) for the Spirit Wheel? Maybe the North & South Nodes of the Moon would be the short & long O respectively. I suspected that Pluto would be left out & makes perfect sense. When you wrote out the numerical sequence of the Roman Glyphs as: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,89,98,200,300,400 Why didn't you write them out as: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,20,24,30,40,42,50,60,70,80,89,98,200,300,400? This seems to be is a more precise arrangement. Why did you leave out the S & S final values (24 & 42), but included all the other continuous & final values? Have you noticed that the 5 is also missing? In the Greek Qabalah the 6 only seemed to be missing because it was an outdated letter that resembles the F, Digamma. I wander what this means for the English Key. The central number is 30, the number of Aethyrs with 11 values on each side which reminds me of the Winged Globe, Hadit. (You have to excuse my sometimes overactive imagination) There seems to be 23 different single-letter values which reminds me of the comment you made about Σ23 = 276 = BABALON, "the glyph of nascent life" page 66-67 of The English Qabalah ..."(the key of 22 glyphs and the next) so that the old key is fulfilled in the new.)" Because there are 23 single-letter values it does not seem to fit very easily with the 27 Trigrams according to consecutive numerical order. The displacement of 90 & 100 for 89 & 98 & the insertion of 24 & 42 seems to be connected to the mystery of ST = 131 which is 31 in the Greek Key, the letter Stigma. (Book 4, page 163 Chapter 5) Obviously there's something about S & T which is the reason for the seemingly disrupted eloquence, hypothetically speaking of course. Thank you gflo, IC, IA

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
Thank you for your latest... A couple of points: - We put up the trigram correspondence the very same day in a separate post. Let us know your thoughts... - What do you mean by "spirit wheel"? What device is this? - The S does not Sink to the Ground. It crawls or is planted firmly. If it was omitted from that Assessment, it was because of an Imperfection on our Part. Your numerical sequencing is thus more complete. But I Will not write, nor speak of this Thing that pluralizes each other Thing Any More.) - Yes, F is one of the lost Father glyphs, now restituted, concealed in the Ph glyph: that Fortress that guards the Pregnant Goddess.

gflo said...
Mr. Samuel K. Vincent Excuse me I didn't know where to find your post... but now I have it. I have many points of interest... If it be thy Will to discuss them. The Spirit Wheel I speak of is 31 bis., the Hebrew letter SHIN (Fire/Spirit) or the 5th element, symbolized as a circle with 8 spokes which I am sure you are familiar with. I will need some time to study more in depth the attributions deemed as Class A & the astrological correspondences you supplied me, but so far I have this question: Does it matter that the Trigrams may inherently have astrological correspondences of their own that does not actually fit the correspondences that you have attributed? For example: the last 8 basic Trigrams (Fu-hsi/Ba-gua) are planetary (Liber 777), but L,N,O,V,T,U,X & W according to your attributions represent ♎, ♏, ☾, ♉, ♑, ♆, ♄ & ▲ respectively. There are 12 Trigrams before the last 8 that certainly appears to be the Zodiac & the first 7 must be elemental/outer planets. Is there an explanation for this? Thank you gflo, IC, IA

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
Hello GFLO, Please see comments to your helpful insights below. First, I think it important to note that these attempts at a syncreticism as one sees in Liber 777 are qualitative listings of attributions, qualities or characteristics of that heading, but may be misleading in that they were never meant to affirm equality. To take the simplest example, the notion of 1 belongs equally to Kether and to Aleph. However, to say that Aleph is Kether is to equate two separate notions. Aleph is a letter; Kether a sephira. They are never one and the same thing. Likewise, if Aleph is the first letter, whose enumeration is 1, this might correspond to A the first letter in the alphabetic sequence or to E, whose value in English Gematria denotes 1. Also, E is the triple flame - a title of Aleph. However, this does not mean that Aleph is E or that E is Aleph; but that the Idea that once engendered Aleph now manifests in E. Hence, the historical interest in the Aleph and the old keys, but which correspond to a past Aeon. (Note that this Aeon is both historical and personal). The Heavens, the Sky, This and That, even the Star of the Soul that is fixed: but they are fixed on That Wheel that revolves with the Aeons. Aleph remains a letter or glyph in the Hebrew system, while E is a letter of the Roman Script. It can be said that the older glyphs (Hebrew, Greek, etc) contain knowledge and formulae of "historical interest" - it provides a roadmap of its evolution through the Aeons. However, all these notions of Shin and of balancing the elements are somewhat anachronistic. Liber Trigrammaton is not an attempt to integrate the trigrams to the Old System, but the Work of revitalizing them and consituting them into the Aeon. (CON'T in next COMMENT)

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
(CON'T from ABOVE) "The Spirit Wheel" you mention which is "31 bis" in the tables or the Hebrew letter SHIN (Fire/Spirit) or the 5th element, symbolized as a circle with 8 spokes, or the glyph "Sh",(300) which is now 31, which is again equivalent to AL, in the Old Key. All this has to do with the practical application of Knowledge to effect Change on the Micro- or Macrocosm. The Wheel, in this case, is a symbol; it does not exist in and of itself. To use it, charge it, fix it, project it, or pass through it, is first to create it, and so is the province of that Practical Art that effects Change. The same holds for the alphabet attributions and what concerns Liber Trigrammaton: To say that V corresponds to Taurus and so is Venetian and not Martian (or Saturnian for that case)is nonsensical until viewed in the proper perspective. (We are talking about a letter after all.) All this is a convenient truth at worst; jargon at best. RaHoorKhuit, the Sun on the Horizon, God of War of Vengeance--is He solar? Martian? Or both? Is he not exactly like Us? And so is he not Love? And so he is Venetian, too. Certainly He is the Word in Action - which makes him Mercurial. But the Sun is a Star (a collection of burning gases); Mars, Venus, Mercury are Planets, and in this case, Roman gods and goddesses. These are Beings or Ideas distinct and apart from RHK. It is critical never to depart too far from common sense. All this, is fairly close to Madness as it is in the Eye of the World which must be taken into the Balance. First, these correspondences do not denote equality Ascendency over the 4 for example, is denoted in the 5 (or the 5th element, as you say) which is also the sign of Man, the Pentagram. But to say that the Star is the Wheel or that the Wheel is the Circle, is to take things higher as mentioned. Secondly, though these correspondences are fixed in order for the Aeon, they Change with Time. Thirdly, the tables of correspondences in Liber 777 are class D, while the attributions provided are Class A. Why anyone should care about these matters is wondrous. Are you looking to construct some Word/Formula? Or decipher some other? Are you 8=3? Have you your footprint - that of the Camel that crosses the Desert that is the Sea Mother? You write "study these matters" when there is only looking and seeing. Your numbers, your name, your mottos, X thine Number in That Place, between LUX and NOX.

gflo said...
Mr. Samuel K. Vincent - The difference in classification (A & D) has slipped my mind & a brief mention of this would have sufficed. (though I have much to learn & appreciate your advice) - I meant Spirit & not Wheel as in the symbol 'of' the Spirit. The Wheel as the 5th element was merely added as a descriptive reference aid, but only served to perpetuate misunderstanding. Please excuse my expression. - You have yet to answer my questions regarding your assigned correspondences (which are not to my understanding, so far, Class A) of the group of 7, 12 & 8 trigrams which appear to be (in order & respectively) the outer planets/elements (7), the zodiac & the inner planets (8). - Since the attributions are Class A (Liber 27/EQ) it matters not what I think about them, so I am misunderstanding your request. As you have stated, "there is only looking & seeing". My statement regarding me "studying these matters" is a personal note; again, please excuse the expression. - If you are inquiring about my grade or credentials, I have none nor do I find it relevant, however, if the answer to my question requires a grade or will not be answered then I must move on to my next point of interest. - I am under the impression that this is a blog to freely discuss any issue strictly relative to the theory & practice of the English Qabalah & Gematria & to promote its study. I never thought that my comments were beside the point, but I will follow your lead until I'm sure of the path. My purpose is simple: to learn what I don't know & its application. Thank you gflo, IC, IA

gflo said...
Mr. Samuel K. Vincent (Please see comment above & excuse the repeat which is a mistake) Upon "looking & seeing" the attributions deemed as Class A for Liber 27 I have noticed some possible human errors. I am assuming that the 10th trigram: O — — ——— Represents x –The Cross & R –The Phallus exhausted. & the 21st Trigram: ——— ——— — — Must be N –The Gate & Y –The Tree If this is correct or not please edit this for it seems that something is amiss. Thank you & I appreciate the Grace of your Presence gflo, IC. IA

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
Yes, these are clerical errors. The first trigram is missing altogether, for instance. Thank you for pointing this out. It will be corrected shortly. There seem to be repeat postings as well - this will be tidied up as well. I will reply to your comments on the new post. Do you mind taking up the correspondence (anything to do with Book 27) under that posting? All the Best to you,

gflo said...
Hello Mr. Samuel K. Vncent (By accident I have posted this under the comments for Book 27) Some possible errors that I have noticed in your Numerical Lexicon of The English Qabalah: Decay = 49 not 50 Noise = 179 or 299 not 419 Crocodile = 292(ŏŏ,kk)/412(ŏ,kk)/532 not 439 Great Work = 422(Tf)/431/771(W) not 440 The Great Work = 877 not 777 Concubine = 491 not 518 Annihilation = 521 not 525 NOX = 570/279(x)/450(ŏ) not 550 LUX = 550/570/259/279 not 650 LUXFIRE = 574(F)/566(f) not 666 SEBEK (page 79) = 62 not 439 or Crocodile(412) Edward Alexander Crowley = 602(Nf)/642/666/706(LL) & when activated 1006(W) or 1297(X,W) On page 64 I could not figure out how you arrived at 1111, maybe you could explain this & the other calculations above. Thank you & I hope with you all is well.

gflo said...
N.O.X. is not 550 (page 190) nor is it 650 (page 78) but you can arrive at 506 if you count the N as final & 386(ŏ,Nf) is another possible value. Also N.O.X. = 95(Nf,ŏ,x). It seems that in these errors (also with L.U.X.) the X has been counted as 400 which would make 550 & 650 possible when it is my understanding that X = 300. Thank you.

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
No, you are operating under Old Aeon (Pre 418) dynamics. X is the old Aeon Tau, so 400, not Shin, 300. The Cross is not the Spirit (300), it is the Material (400). Also, you fail to see the point of LUX NOX, which are formulae. They have three letters, so three phases, and thus three numbers in seperate Places. The phases are L-Laverse, O horned - O full, x inert - X active. In this way for instance at the tail end of LUX, with formulae finalized: 50+200+400=650. Similarly for LUXFIRE which is the movement from 303 to 666. LuxFire = 70+200+9+10+4+9+1 = 303 to LaverseUXfIRE=50+200+400+2+4+9+1=666 And likewise for The Great Work which has too many phases of too unspecific generality to be interest here. Yet to show you: The=106 Great =132 Work=539 =777. All formulae operate this way - and we now have all the transitional glyphs. Please verify the additions before claiming corrections. There are bound to be clerical errors and we are grateful for pointing any of these out to us. You posted this twice, as though in frustration or Anger. Your work on the Trigrams is very impressive and is being examined. For this, we have not responded Yet. Keep your Sight Clear. Best,

gflo said...
Hello Mr. Samuel K. Vincent I could never imagine myself angry at a complete stranger with whom I Greatly Appreciate in helping me in these matters. I assure you there is always a smile on my face or in my heart when I am responding, but this time there was laughter. I AM like a Child waiting to open His Present that sits underneath the Tree. I understand how difficult it must be to read emotional inflection which is why I don't even attempt at it unless words are used that can be defined in such a way. I thought you may have seen in parenthesis my brief explanation for the repetition. If you look again I'm sure you will see it. It looks like this: (By accident I have posted this under the comments for Book 27) It was merely an accident by force of habit which was in turn misinterpreted by another accident of your own. I reposted out of respect for the order you have established for discussing this or that. Language is even more troublesome when written out. I have made my assumptions based on your book which does not go into detail about how W & X have these values within formulas. You have on page 54 that X = 9 or 300 & on page 53 that W = 60 or 400. I am only trying to help & learn as I go. Yes I understand that there are bound to be clerical errors, we all make them, but they cause a lot of mischief in the process of learning. We all know that there is nothing so simple that Ignorance could not confuse it for other than what it is. What you have just pointed out in the values of W = 300 & X = 400 is all new to me & I am still struggling to understand how it works. I thank you & I hope with you all is well.

gflo said...
Please understand that my only means of verifying what is not plainly written out in your book is to ask you personally for, although your work is great, it desparately needs editing & revision for the sake of clarity in some places. What I don't completely comprehend about the section of METHODOLOGY within the chapter of DISCOVERY on page 25 is: How L got its values of 50 & 70? What are the equations for the circle squared in its failure & its success? 4638 ABKZ 4 aL "O=" MR3YX + (24) (89) RPSTOVAL What is the significance or affect of the AL at the end of this string of numbers & letters & symbols? How did O (=200) get its other value of 80? Why is R listed in Table III as having the values 9 & 400? Does this mean that R has double values? I did not realize until now how W received its value of (60 &) 300 . This was left out in Table II & III on page 26 & 27 respectively, but page 173 of the LEX I KON seems to confirm what I assumed to be true on page 53 that W = 400 which I now can see clearly to be incorrect. Thank you for setting me on the Right Path.

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
Hello GFLO, Thank you for calling my attention to certain faults with the current edition of the book. It is not a simple matter to compile a lexicon. In any case, a new, more extensive work is being prepared. I believe some of your original research should be included. We can discuss that at a later time. Also, a revised edition with many of those errors you mention already corrected was released in the Spring of this year. I wonder what version of hte book you have... As for your questions: I believe you are asking for rational responses to explain the existence of facts. I have no explanation for why gravity exists, or why there are 8 planets (discounting Pluto). Likewise, any explanation I can have for why there are 26 letters will be a fiction, so I can not satisfactorily explain how any letter gets its values. The fact that a letter has a value, the fact that Gematria works, the fact that Qabalah is, and the Aethyrs are fixed, defies all rational presumption and any reasonable explanation to begin with. As such, attempting to explain these things in the marketplace is to incite stoning. These things are. There is no "Because". However, I will try and provide responses to your questions wherever possible. I will begin with the simpler ones first. --How L got its values of 50 & 70? How did O (=200) get its other value of 80? L's values change formulaicly - pre and post the 2nd Aethyr. O refers to different phases Post and Pre the 10th Aethyr. I have no rational explanation for this. However, the evidence is “evident”. --Why is R listed in Table III as having the values 9 & 400? Does this mean that R has double values? R is linked to X in the Key and certain Places as you know. However, r should not have been ascribed the value of X, only x. --What are the equations for the circle squared in its failure & its success? 4638 ABKZ 4 aL "O=" MR3YX + (24) (89) RPSTOVAL This apparently nonsensical sequence of glyphs is the most astounding Scientific Discovery we are likely to have for another Aeon. It contains the totality of Truth in the simplest Form imaginable. It holds the entirety of the Key, and all Keys preceding it. (As you know it a simple surjective mapping of this sequence to the Roman Script glyphs maps the Key). It contains also the Whole Path and the formulaic pivots in the Aethyrs when you take the glyphs in their appropriate manifestations. The Pivots are S, T, L, O, C, W, X In this way, your question on equality is a complex one, for they will hold on all Planes. For instance, immediately after the O (the circle) is formulated we have: MR3YX = 131 when Y is vowel = ST – the first step – after this All is Open. Afterwards, MR3YX is 67 when Y is consonant which is equal to the first terms of the sequence on the other side of the equation: 4638 ABKZ (taken individually: 4+6+3+8+4+6+30+6) And that similarly, if we take the character preceding and succeeding in the sequence, (The Envelope), we have: “O= MR3YX +” = 220 with Y vowel and = 156 with Y consonant. (Two formulae we know well). (the ‘+’ glyph here taken for Cross, that is lower x) Also making O full, and X active (400) should yield the formula / value for the Scarlet Woman. (667) (CON'T BELOW)

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
(CON't FROM ABOVE) (These differing values are for vowel/consonant – however their “Force” is refracted when passing through the Supernals – a different terminology should be used here. Thus formulaicly, it is 220 before, and 156 after, though Y in the Word may not have changed its syllabic status. Materially, however, the rule will hold: but again refracted according to the Position of that Eye. In this Way, for the purposes of disseminating the Key, it is perhaps best not to mention the distinction but only offer both possibilities, allowing each to decide for One-self. Thus the hard categorization of vowel and consonant is perhaps not desirable.) Also... THE CIRCLE SQUARED IN ITS FAILURE & ITS SUCCESS? The circle squared in its failure & its success is a mystery connected with G glyph – and applies to your dividing the sequence in half with that Glyph you denote by “O=”. A further hint: This G glyph is composed of a C and two horizontal bars (like an equality / equation), that enter, cross themselves, and are embraced (or swallowed you might say) by the C glyph behind it becoming the O. The point is that the cross props up the circle and in this way the circle squared becomes the Wheel, i.e. Motion is stirred in the MT and the Pyramid dissolves. 3 Wheels make the Body of the Child. 3 Wheels, 5 wounds, 7 points of light. Your question about the circle squared is thus a loaded one. This deals with That practical operation that guides and propels Evolution. Then you show the string, dividing it into halves through an equality sign that is there and NOT there. Yet here are the Perfections, for like Schrodinger showed, if it is Possible, it IS, and so the Truth must hold equally in both possible worlds, for, Seeing as the Sequence is Truth, the equality you seek thus Operates at All levels or Planes, and from All Angles of the Tablet. Converting to Number to provide an example: 4638 ABKZ + aL "O=" we convert to 4638 4 6 30 6 + 4 50 80 (She is not full- the bars stand Without her Womb). So on side of your “Equation” we have 4638 + 4 + 6 + 30 + 6 + 4 +54 + 80 = 4798 = 2 *2399 ( a prime) MR3YX + (24) (89) RPSTOVAL we convert to 131 (the ST is formulated) + 4116 (hence S and T final, (x) (y) implies multiplication) + 477 (and now the O is full). On the other side Union is accomplished and O is full: O= becomes G and the Bar(I): 24 +131+4166+477=4798 = 2 *2399 ( a prime) --CIRCLE SQUARED We have the phrase "circle squared". A further hint is concealed in the word “circle”: success lies in hardening the C: with c soft we have circle = 70; with hard c: 97. Note that in a different phase, (O full) we have the LHS = 4918, while "O=" MR3YX + (24) (89) RPSTOVAL = 4920 (which 70by70 + Union which G which conceals the Operation (note the G is the C accepting the bar, the sword in the cup, etc) or the first glyph "O =" in its initial operatory stage. The LHS lacks an 'f'. Where has it gone? It is concealed in 4638 ABKZ(4,6,30,6; 4636) All this has been for the "0=" glyph at the stage that the "0=" glyph has become O (in either phase) but before so, it is a C (in both phases) and afterward a G. So, you can work out the equations for C hard passing to C soft as well. Similarly, you will get the varying equalities (and / or Reflections) depending on which side of that pivot Aethyr you are ON. Brevity and want of Interest precludes Us from further commentary on these Matters. The phrase “its failure & its success”also has the stench of a formula. Regards,

gflo said...
4638 ABKZ 4 aL "C=" MR 3 Y "+" (24) (89) RPSTOVAL I didn't mean for my questions to become overly complex, but thanks a lot for the effort. I just wanted you to point out to me the simplicity of it all & this would have been enough. By simplicity I mean the way you lined up the alphabet along side the enigmatic string of symbols. L you have explained as much as you could in this place, but there is an AL terminating this string without any letter lining up with them after the letter Z in the 27th & 28th position which is left blank on page 26. I currently have the 2008 edition; I was not aware of any other until now. If you cannot go into this I will move on. On page 60 you have plainly written out that when W is Activated: "AIWAZ is 4 + 4 + 400 + 4 + 6 = 418 (HAD x 22)" "AIWASS is 4 + 4 + 400 + 4 + 42 + 42 = 496 (=Σ31)" Yet in your Gematria comment you have plainly written out that when X is Activated: L.U.X. is 50 + 200 + 400 = 650 & that "X is the old Aeon Tau, so 400, not Shin, 300. The Cross is not the Spirit (300), it is the Material (400). " So why does the activated W in AIWASS is counted as 400? Thanks to your comment I am now able to plainly see that W has the value of Samekh & Shin upon examination of the placement of the S in Table II on page 26 where it appears without this notification in parentheses. Yet in one place W is 400 & in another X is 400. Actually the most consistent clerical error to be found throughout your book, especially if you check the LEX I KON, is that W always = 400 when activated. So that I am perfectly clear on this, if W is 400 for the sake of formulae when & how is it? Because it does not line up quite in that way. If I must go on without an explanation then I would have to assume that AIWAZ = 318 & not 418 which I find somewhat unacceptable. Thank you for your Understanding.

gflo said...
I forgot to add to my comment above that you have written: The=106 Great =132 Work=539 =777. Work = 300+200+30+9 = 539 Here W is 300, but in AIWAZ it is 400 & X is also 400. How is this possible?

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
Hello GFLO, Sorry for the Silence and thank you once again, very kindly, for your questions and concerns which shed light on what is salient and important in these matters. The Great Work , 777 : The 106, Great 132, Work 539 (with the W in X) = 777. But here all the Ts are final - with T's non-final, and the W and X pivoted (W 400), we have: The 97 Great 123 : The Great = 220 ("The Law") Now Work: 519 (with with O crescent: 400+80+9+30) so that we have 739 or 519 and 220. When O becomes Full and w inactive, we have Work = 60+200+9+30 = 299 - which with 220 is again 519. So that at this phase, The Great Work which equals 519 is simply Work (or work and The Law). In this Way, "The Great Work" = 220 + "The Great Work" while in the 739, while the 519 = The Great Work contains in itself another 220 + work (299 = 60+200+9+30). The formula is self-referential, with 220 always left over. With O horned, it is 417 which with the 1 (AMT) becomes 418 as "The Law" with the 1 is its formula. As you Know, Aiwaz is without question 418 and the first step in The Great Work is without question the tuning of the three wheels to the 7th sphere - Victory & Love (777). You'll see IT manifest again and again. That His Arms should fall, that W should be 300 and X 400, is my own War. (X is \/ sitting atop /\) Note the process: \/ --> \../ --> /\ --> /\ --> \./\./ --> \/\/ : the Double 'U' , that is the Two Cups.) and that IT is NOT Sight (W) that gives Birth to the Universe (X), but the Materialization of the Cube (X) that makes Manifest the Universe (W) is again War. In the Great Work, all Aeons are passed and revolved into 1. (CON'T BELOW)

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
(CON'T from ABOVE) I know of others who are interested in your Work on the Cube. I watch with Wonder. As you can see, the Key is in flux, which I believe describes the dynamic / relativistic Nature of The Law (220) as well as the reactive Nature of the Play of Forces. Others are doubtful that this is Not so at All, but only a middle Step and that your Cube is the materialization of the Key. Where they see a Cube, I see a Prism that refracts the Light into Three Rays. Note, what was written earlier about operating under Osirian configurations and old Aeon Keys: how Sight (W) engenders or leads to the X - an essentially pessimistic view and the Lie of Religion. The Law affirms the Joy and Rapture of the Hosts: that the X opens into the W. Yet from Here, the W sits before the X. In Time, the 3rd sphere, BINH, the Conquering Goddess, the ringed/crowned planet and Old Man Saturn : One is Immortal and then Dies. One must die to be immortal. Yet the Immortality of the Babe precedes the Death of the M T - a Contradiction whether looked at from Above or from Below, yet Harmonized on the Horizon where the two meet. Illogical though our perceptions or cognitions may be, there are literal facts and evidence corroborated by others. All this talk of death and immortality for instance, and W and X, and BINH and Saturn may ring pleasantly, may even ring True - but what does it mean? What do we know? Physically the B A will not age, and cannot suffer decay or disease. He may remain there eleven years and burn in Hell, until he is molten and purified. After eleven No One is extracted One Way or another. Upon moving forward, He, the Queen takes on the cloak of Old Man Time, and those eleven years descend upon the M T like a Veil in a moment. Even this No Man (NEMO) that moves forward : He/She is a contradiction, one hand like a song that touches, and the other a cataract to Hell, one side of him fire the other side of her Ice, All of Darkness and All of Light and the Whole of the Universe married in one Spark, which he Contains before becoming A M T and equilibrating the 3 Wheels and becoming One to again Become Nothing, because he is Everything, before becoming One, which is another Nothing - another Nothing because it Contains all the Worlds preceding it which we've established to be a series of Nothings. Nothing upon nothing upon nothing, each of them sparks and worlds. Each human (man and woman) a Star. Each Star: a World and a System. I am Glad that you find AIWAZ 318 unacceptable. Your words (if you listen to yourself) Signal that you Know IT. That then is a Stone that you should have no Question of, regardless of what Fools might Say. Star & System. Are you able to send over graphical representations the cube (2 dimensional would do fine)? thanks, in Love

gflo said...
Hello Mr. Samuel K. Vincent What is M T & A M T? Abbreviations for what? & the BA I am assuming is the Egyptian name of the astral self or something of that nature. I am willing to send what I can, but you must relate to me how or in what way you want it sent & the information I would need to send it. My suggestion would be a file by email or I could give you detailed instructions of how my Cube is drawn, much less of a puzzle than my last instructions, if you prefer. My time is becoming less & less by the minute. I will respond at my earliest convenience. Thank you

Samuel.K.Vincent said...
BA - Babe of the Abyss (between the 4th and the 3rd spheres) MT - in the 3rd sphere (the 440) AMT - in the 2nd sphere (the 441) W = Double U = 2 x U = 2 x 200 Can you send what you have to chancellor@lusht.com www.lvsht.com


  1. Hello Mr. Vincent,

    In your 2008 First Edition of The English Qabalah on page 64, you have:

    "Edward Alexander Crowley = 1111, the secret fourfold glory of the scribe's Name as mentioned in the Book

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how did you calculate that number. Can you please divide this equation into individual letters so that I can see how you've arrived at such a conclusion.

    Thank You,

    1. gflo,

      You are being misled...

      Edward=E5+D4+W23+A1+R18+D4=55, etc.

  2. This is the man into the 2nd sphere, via KAOS. Hence, the L's are all balanced, the N's terminal (N final) and the Y's need to be at 6 (y vowel), which is something I don't quite like. Note that otherwise, Alexander is 156. In this case it is 112 which is Hadit(7+4+8+4+89) or 56x2 (my number is 'six and fifty').

    This would have required him to turn the Y into Sol versus the Eye (capricorn), to crescent the moon, (the O's are 80, soft), to activate spirit/vision-fire (W), and finally, to fill the cup (c,3).

    Edward Alexander Crowley =
    1+8+400+4+9+8 = 430
    4+70+1+9+4+6+8+1+9 = 112
    3+9+80+400+70+1+6 = 569

    430 + 112 + 569 = 1111.

    I believe the calculations are correct. Otherwise, we'll have to revise the laws of math.

    1. Sam(S19+A1+M13=33),

      Your bizarre code is doing more harm than good(7__4) to the 'English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) Movement'.

      GOD(7_4) wants you to STOP!

  3. Thank you for that elucidation for you have saved me a lot of trouble. That edition only mentioned the activation of W & X & there are so many other variables, I'd guess I was too lazy to work them all out myself.

    I keep an English Qabalah Lexikon that I work on from time to time. Each letter with an alternative value is represented with a unique letter-symbol that resembles that same letter. Just a suggestion. Maybe this method could be of some practical use.

    You mentioned how you did not like the (Old Aeon) attributions that this particular calculation yielded. Have you looked at it from the perspective of the attributions that we have theoretically assigned?

    If so what is your analysis?

  4. Have you received the info I sent you by email? & if so what is your analysis of the material so far?

  5. Hello GFLO,
    I'll answer your previous posting first...

    The matter I found disagreeable was centered about the Y: the Y being a Fork, and terminating in 6 on the Left, and 70 on the Right. The 6 Understand, is the Son in the old aeon, the self-sacrificing solar diety, while the 70 is the Eye, and the glyph of the Goat, or the Horned and Hooved One, or the devil in the old aeon religions centered about the 6. This has little to do with the old aeon keys, but more with a growing distinction in my mind between what I am calling the active and the passive. Recall, that one generally has the Choice of whether to remain in the 6th sphere or proceed. There is no other Point of Rest.
    As you know, the book discusses (briefly) a doctrine of active and passive glyphs, centered on experiential/phenomenological evidence of differing values certain letters can take depending on their position or their state. These letters are L, which can be balanced or imbalanced, the O which can be full or crescented, the Y which can be taken on the left or right (consonant or vowel), the C which can be hard or soft....

    I believe this has to do with a Choice or a state the Student finds himself in. It occurs to me for instance, that for the A.'.M.'.T.'. the L is always balanced - this being an essential task of the M .'. T .'. and the door through which She passes from the 3rd sphere into the 2nd - hence the 5 footprints of the Camel - which can be of three types depending on the Man. (VVVVVV, LLLLLL, ˩˩˩˩˩˩ --Note that all these are equivalent, but that the V is the L balanced on the point). This means that beneath that veil the formulae KAOS=BABALON is employed as 276 (depending on whether he makes the 0 full or crescented- the moon, the reflective consciousness - does he divide it into a crescent, resolve the arch into two points, or complete the circle?) But passing the 1st Veil (of lunar consciousness - Paroketh as they called it) KAOS=BABALON=156 and remains so, until he is on Beth. Here KAOS remains at 156 but BABALON is now 176 which is 156 + the union (G) (his view of the Queen has undergone Change).

    The issue becomes whether to present the totality of the key to the world, including the balanced L of which the world has no experience until it has passed into the 3rd sphere fully at which point in time, He needs no instruction from the stars but is of the body of stars itself. As they say, He is the First and Last, how shall He cease to Number himself?
    These are matters that I am still currently contemplating/investigating.

    As you know, we mean to produce a second edition of the book. We are interested in including your research (I'll discuss this with you in greater details when the time comes) and do continue to send along any thing you feel might be pertinent.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "To err is human, to repent divine, to persist devilish" - Benjamin Franklin

    Samuel K. Vincent,

    I see that you are continuing to dismiss the correct 'Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74)' and continue to promote your incorrect gematria. Therefore...

    By the power(77) invested in me by GOD(7_4) as His Christ(77), I hereby declare that today, 5/2/12, is your Judgment Day - you FAIL F.

    Your sentence: 'bad luck' for the rest of this life, then 74 years reincarnated as beef cows for this one offense (you have many more).

    - Brad Watson(77), Miami
    (a copy of this judgment can be found at http://7seals.yuku.com )

  8. Samuel,

    See: http://7seals.yuku.com/topic/152

    Your sentence is not "etched in granite74". You can repent, correct your errors, notify me, and I will commute your sentence. But knowing your ego, I don't predict it.

  9. The Black Left Hand Path counterparts to Nuit, Hadit,and Ra Hoor Khuit, are Besz, Grub, and Apophrasz Ra. And, Katahari is the Fall of the Hero.

  10. Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74)

    Holy One=64
    Avraham=64 (Lincoln=64, he was 6'4", reelected in '64, and is buried in 64 sq. ft. of concrete)
    (a Mason's) apron=64
    Peter=64 (The Great Fire of Roma occured in 64 AD and St. Peter was crucified upside down in 64-66 AD)

  11. I see you're still deceiving people with misinformation. Too bad.

    I just wrote the following on the Facebook page of Catholic Fundamentalism...

    It's now been proven that this universe behaves as a quantum computer where everything is connected and particles not only collide, they compute. Therefore, we have an additional definition of GOD: 'the universal quantum computer' (UQC).

    Where there is a computer, there are programs. And where there are programs, there are programmers, program #1 and programmer #1. The original programmer was God incarnate: the eternal soul of Jesus the Christ. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was GOD" (note the difference between 'God' and 'GOD'). Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) now reveals these secrets...

    program 1=74=P16+R18+O+G7+R18+A1+M13+1